can you make the gif when she told Stevie to back up off me in the last episode

yeah, sorry ive been busy with work guys

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Can you not repost my gifs please. Thanks.

no one reposted shit from you dumb bitch, dont come with that bullshit here. I make my own fucking gifs every week

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Can you post a video of when she says "justin bieber don't want those long titties"

a video? lol okay :p

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How do you make your gifs, they're so good?

thank you <3 and with photoshop cs6, and vlc player

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Your captions are hilarious. This blog is everything I need.

thank you ;) <3

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Can you post the gif where she says "cry baby cry baby go suck your momma titties"? Lol

lmfaoo yeah ill make one when i get out of work

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Hey joseline how was ur day

lol ;p

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joseline and k michelle watching mimi’s sextape