Hey could you possibly make a throwback gif of Joseline saying "Is this gonna be on a Tuesday or Monday when I don't have shit else to do?" It's from season 2 episode 13 about 20 minutes in. Thanks in advance!

yeah ill download season two and make it soon :)

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I don't actually have a request just wanted to say that even though I'm new to love and hip hop atl Joseline is already my favorite. She's real and she doesn't care and I can't help but respect that. Plus she's funny as hell!! Thanks for the blog!!!

yassss shes the queen of love and hip hop :)

but thanks for the support <3

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we made 4K followers <3

do yall want me to gif other love and hip hop? like newyork and hollywood?

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Could you put the one when Stevie & joseline exchange that piece of cake between each other.. Ew. But I guess it's cute. Lmao.

lmfao okay

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The recent gifs your uploading where can we watch the whole interview?

its the reunion part 3.

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